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Running a site in English and French is really not easy and I apologize to English-speaking visitors for the mistakes that may have slipped into my comments! For the past 5 years, after having benefited from the assistance of friends or precious relations, having used dictionaries, translation software and dedicated sites to reinforce my knowledge, I have discovered this DeepL. com site whose accuracy and speed are remarkable. I am not paid by them, I don't quote them on every page but it seemed natural to me to thank them for the quality of their service by informing you of their existence and giving you the address of their site which may be very useful to you... Translated with

Find INTI and others artists of street art on the site of the "galerie itinerrance" exposing on the walls of the thirteenth arrondissement in Paris.
Miss Tic , Steet artist

MissTic is a street artist, a painter and a poet who mixed humor and lucidity.