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Seine by Night 3

In this third step, i propose a walk around the Saint-Louis island.
Sous  les ponts de Paris 01 The Marie bridge and passers
Sous les ponts de Paris 02 The Sully bridge (to the right bank) © PascalMorsagne 2015
Sous les ponts de Paris 03 The Sully Bridge (details and passers) © PascalMorsagne 2015
Ponts de Paris 04 View upstream of the island :the Austerlitz bridgeand tino ROSSI garden (outdoor sculpture museum) always open.
© PascalMorsagne 2015
Pont de Paris 05 ND 01 The La Tournelle bridge with a statue of St Genevieve by Paul Landowski (1928) and the first view of Notre Dame Cathedral.
© PascalMorsagne 2015
Pont de Paris 06 ND 02 Notre Dame Cathedral and Archeveche bridge.
© PascalMorsagne 2015
Notre Dame 03 Saint Louis Island is the best place to photograph the back of the cathedral
© PascalMorsagne 2015
Notre Dame 04 View number2  © PascalMorsagne 2015
Pont de Paris 07 Saint-Louis Bridge between the island of the same name and La Cite island. © PascalMorsagne 2015